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802.11a WLANs winning converts

Aug 02, 20041 min

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802.11a WLANs winning converts, 08/02/04

Initially overhyped, then almost dismissed, 802.11a quietly is gaining ground as a wireless LAN standard of choice.

Rethinking desktop strategies, 08/02/04

While IT executives put off replacing aging client systems during the economic downturn, a brightening economy is prompting companies to take a closer look at their desktop plans. And they are finding …

Bringing WLANs into the management fold, 08/02/04

James Wiedel didn’t purchase a product specifically to manage the wireless LAN infrastructure at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Rather, the director of networking at the university’s …

Intel pushes back date for 4 GHz Pentium 4, 07/29/04

Intel has decided to push back the launch date for its 4 GHz Pentium 4 desktop processor to the first quarter of 2005, after reviewing its launch schedules and determining it would not be …

Motorola launches GSM/Wi-Fi phone, 07/27/04

Motorola this week launched its CN620 phone, a dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi device that can make and receive voice calls on a cellular network or enterprise WLAN.