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Chelsio launches 10G Ethernet for less

Aug 09, 20042 mins

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Chelsio launches 10G Ethernet for less, 08/09/04

Chelsio Communications’ launch of a 10G bit/sec Ethernet network interface card for about $2,000 could signal the start of a price decline that will encourage customers to embrace the high-speed technology.

Remote optimizers aid consolidation, 08/09/04

Organizations with branch offices are consolidating their networks to control the costs of managing their IT infrastructures. But because of latency posed by WAN connections, it’s difficult to provide …

LAN Newsletter: Both secure and industrial, 08/05/04

Industrial Ethernet device maker GarrettCom this week added secure Web-based access capabilities to its management software.

LAN Newsletter: Cisco, Microsoft to clash on net security, 08/03/04

When Microsoft unveiled its security technology initiative last month, one interesting aspect of it was somewhat buried – the network equipment partners, which …

Opinion: The future of public WLAN hot spots, 08/09/04

What is the future of free hot spots at places like hotels, restaurants, etc.?

Opinion: Controlling access to the network, 08/09/04

Understanding that there is no way we can be totally safe, what kind of options should we look at to make sure that only those who should be on our network are able to get on?

Opinion: Power line to the people, 08/09/04

The HomePlug AV specification has moved forward reasonably quickly, and the HomePlug Powerline Alliance notes on their Web site that “HomePlug AV products will likely be available for the 2004 holiday season …