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Vendors shore up ID management tools

Aug 09, 20043 mins
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Vendors shore up ID management tools, 08/09/04

Two single sign-on vendors are upgrading their products in an effort to meet the needs of corporate users warming up to identity management.

Intelliden gobbles up competitor, 08/09/04

Management software company Intelliden last week said it has acquired competitor Gold Wire Technology in a deal that will result in products that marry configuration and compliance management.

Opinion: Going, going . . . 321, gone, 08/09/04

How do you kill off a company of 400 employees and projected earnings of more than $150 million in a few months? Easy, sic the dark forces of the entertainment industry and their cohorts on them.

GAO urges DOD to adopt more commercial best practices, 08/06/04

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a call for the U.S. Department of Defense to reform its business-system procurement policies and align them with the project …

Newsletter: Enterprise software issues debated at VORTEX 2004, 08/06/04

The enterprise software market has kept us wags busy for years reporting on long, drawn out CRM and ERP implementations, the Y2K scare, security flaws, …

Nimbus ships iSCSI appliances, 08/05/04

Storage start-up Nimbus this week unveiled iSCSI storage appliances for small and mid-sized IT organizations.

Newsletter: Both secure and industrial, 08/05/04

Industrial Ethernet device maker GarrettCom this week added secure Web-based access capabilities to its management software.>nl

Newsletter: Refocusing on retention, 08/05/04

Remember back to the late ’90s when many IT departments seemingly had a revolving door for job hoppers? In a fight to attract and keep the best people, companies offered …

Higher education group refocuses on communications technology, 08/04/04

The acronym, ACUTA, is the same as it was 33 years ago when it was founded. But the organization’s actual name is different, reflecting a strategic shift away from solely telecommunications …

Newsletter: How secure are your management systems?, 08/04/04

Most management systems today rely on agent technology that interacts with software on servers. So what would happen if malicious hackers targeted the agent or …

Newsletter: More vendors in the compliance game, 08/04/04

Just before heading off to the Catalyst Conference last month, I wrote about Courion’s entry into regulatory compliance services with the ComplianceCourior addition …

Newsletter: Delayed decision making, 08/03/04

As you climb the corporate ladder, it takes longer and longer for companies to make hiring decisions. According to executive recruitment firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas …

IT departments must cope with Patriot Act, university CIO says, 08/03/04

Nearly three years after its enactment, the USA Patriot Act remains not just a political but also a technological issue on many college campuses.

Opinion: Figuring out information stewardship, 08/09/04

In some large organizations, information stewardship is the single biggest issue. For companies that have grown through mergers and acquisitions, or are consolidating data centers, implementing …