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Juniper releases a light version of Instant Virtual Extranet

Aug 19, 20042 mins
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* Juniper makes a play for the low-end

Having made a run at the high-end user market, Secure Sockets Layer remote access vendor Juniper is making a play for the low-end.

The company is wheeling out a light version of its Instant Virtual Extranet software installed on a hardware appliance called Remote Access 500. The software for the device lacks the ability to cluster RA 500s, offers just one rather than three access controls, and strips out support for Security Assertion Markup Language, which enables full single sign-on capabilities.

But the small companies at which the RA 500 is aimed are unlikely to miss these features. These companies are more likely to be concerned about whether they can configure the box, and whether they can afford it.

Some other SSL remote access vendors have also come out with scaled down versions of their gear and others have always catered to smaller businesses, but it is clear that most of these vendors see considerable demand from these smaller businesses.

This speaks well of SSL remote access as a viable technology. As more and more businesses have remote employees or workers who want to extend their business days by working from home, they need a way to let them in safely. SSL remote access has piqued the interest of many small businesses, and this gives them another option that is within the price range of the lower priced alternatives.

RA 500 comes in three models, each supporting a different number of users: the 510 for 10 users at $4,000; the 525 for 25 users at $5,500; and the 550 for 50 users at $7,000.