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Cisco dampens growth prospects despite record Q4

Aug 16, 20041 min

Latest Cisco news.

Cisco dampens growth prospects despite record Q4, 08/16/04

The holidays might be a little less bright this year if Cisco’s financial outlook is any indication. The company’s “record-breaking” fourth quarter was tempered by a caution going forward as customers rein in spending on network equipment because of a weak economy and election year uncertainty.

Adtran dishes up another penny-pinching router, 08/16/04

Adtran is moving up the food chain to lure Cisco access-router customers with a new family of its bargain NetVanta routers.

LANs Newsletter: Mailbag: Cisco, Microsoft and security, 08/10/04

Last week I noted that on the security front, Cisco is lined up on one side and Microsoft has managed to line up just about every other major networking hardware vendor on the other (see editorial link below). You wrote in with your thoughts on this potential battle, and I’d like to share some of them here.