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Technology Insider: Blade servers

Aug 17, 20042 mins
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Technology Insider: Blade servers, 08/16/04

Early adopters of blade server technology say the benefits aren’t science fiction. We also review blade server offerings from IBM, HP and RLX Technologies.

Review: Packed in tightly: Blades get sharpened, 08/16/04

On performance, we found the blades are pretty close – where they differ is in the companies’ systems management applications and availability options – but IBM wins our Clear …

Face-off: Blade servers, 08/16/04

This week’s Face-off is all about much-ballyhooed blade servers. Yes, they pack more computing power into a smaller space, but they also consume lots of electricity and throw off heat. Taking all that into account, are they really any better than rack-mounted servers? Jay Adelson, founder and CTO of Equinix, argues that they aren’t. Meanwhile, Verari Systems CEO David Driggers takes the opposite position.



HP focuses on enhanced virtualization, 08/16/04

Troubled by its underperforming storage and server systems business, HP plans this week to unveil new server virtualization capabilities and an updated Unix operating system that it says will boost …

Weblog: Data Center Powwow, 08/16/04

AFCOM, an organization of data center managers, MIS directors, CIOS and other IS professionals, is gearing up for its fall conference. The Fall ’04 Data Center World Conference and Expo will be held in …

Newsletter: Nocona rolls out on HP, IBM servers, 08/12/04

HP and IBM, among other vendors, last week introduced servers that use Intel’s Nocona processor, which implements the x86 extension technology that lets users …

HP grows Q3 revenue but servers, storage disappoint, 08/12/04

HP Thursday reported solid revenue growth for its fiscal third quarter, boosted by sales in its Personal System Group. However, it said that performance in its Enterprise Servers and Storage …

IBM lands European Linux mainframe deal, 08/11/04

IBM Wednesday claimed one of the largest European deployments of Linux on the mainframe, adding that it was testimony to the continuing vitality of its mainframe business.