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IBM adds four-way 550 server to i5 product line

Aug 18, 20043 mins

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IBM adds four-way 550 server to i5 product line, 08/17/04

IBM bolstered the eServer i5 server lineup with the i5 550, a system based on the Power5 chip that can run multiple operating systems.

IBM seeks dismissal in second part of SCO case, 08/16/04

IBM is seeking dismissal of a second major component of the lawsuit filed against it last year by Unix vendor The SCO Group, according to court documents filed Friday by IBM. The documents, filed …

Companies play nice in front of W3C, 08/16/04

IBM, Microsoft, BEA Systems and newfound partners Sun and SAP last week submitted to a major standards body a protocol that will help accelerate the development of other standards for building secure and …

Technology Insider: Blade servers, 08/16/04

Early adopters of blade server technology say the benefits aren’t science fiction. We also review blade server offerings from IBM, HP and RLX Technologies.

Technology Insider: Packed in tightly: Blades get sharpened, 08/16/04

On performance, we found the blades are pretty close – where they differ is in the companies’ systems management applications and availability options – but IBM wins our Clear …

Opinion: A few tools, a technology and some cool software, 08/16/04

There are any number of replacements for the Windows Notepad text editor, and while some of the charged-for products are good, there’s one we use that has great features, and even better, it’s free.

Opinion: Problem with old e-mail server, 08/16/04

We’re having difficulty with an open relay on the e-mail server and mail is being rejected by several recipients to avoid spamming. I’m unable to find a setting on the server that might close the relay.

IBM ups hiring forecast, 08/12/04

IBM Thursday said it is hiring a lot more employees than originally planned. The vendor upped its forecast for the year to 18,800 new hires, the majority of whom are destined for IBM’s services division.

Servers Newsletter: Nocona rolls out on HP, IBM servers, 08/12/04

HP and IBM, among other vendors, last week introduced servers that use Intel’s Nocona processor, which implements the x86 extension technology that lets users …