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Getting XP security updates without SP2

Aug 23, 20041 min

Can we disable delivery of Windows XP Service Pack 2 through Automatic Updates and Windows Update without blocking the delivery of other critical security updates?

Microsoft disabled XP SP2 updates for 120 days starting Aug. 16 because many companies wanted to test the service pack before it got automatically installed.

Update control tools are available from Microsoft. Each tool uses a different method to create a new registry key – “HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoft WindowsWindowsUpdate” with the value “DoNotAllowXPSP2.”

There is a template for companies that have implemented Active Directory-based Group Policy that centrally disables and enables delivery of SP2. This tool kit includes software that can run on individual PCs for companies that don’t use Active Directory Group Policy.

A sample script that accepts a machine name as a parameter is provided to support execution through logon scripts or remote script execution commands. A sample e-mail containing an update control URL is provided so users can disable and re-enable SP2 updates through a Web browser.