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Wireless and data centers

Aug 24, 20043 mins
Data Center

Latest data center news.

Wireless and data centers, 08/23/04

The need for widespread mobility marks today’s most strategic businesses. In this, our fifth in a six-part series, we help you figure out how to make wireless part of your new data center architecture.

Toward the mobile enterprise, step by step, 08/23/04

With improved devices, apps and infrastructure, wireless is making headway as a solid new data center technology. Analyst Mark Lowenstein offers a 10-point evaluation guide.

VoIP and WLAN – a dreamy new combo, 08/23/04

Three early adopters tell how they’ve paired VoIP and WLANs as part of their new data center plans.

Taking business apps on the road… and accessing them wirelessly, 08/23/04

Advances in wireless nets and mobile computing now make it possible to separate line-of-business applications from enterprise desktops.

Opinion: Depends on what the definition of WAS is, 08/23/04

Wide-area storage provides plenty of serious benefits. It lets companies protect data by storing it offsite in a location that’s less likely than many headquarters to be a target for terrorists, …

Do-it-yourself disaster recovery, 08/23/04

Using virtualization technology to pry apps away from dedicated physical resources can have an added benefit: DR on the cheap.

Pressing the new data center advantage, 08/23/04

Sam Marrazzo, senior application architect for Praxair, shares his insights on preparing applications for virtualized servers.

7 ways to slash costs with the new data center, 08/23/04

As data centers evolve, businesses say these technologies have helped them cut costs and become more efficient, even as the workload increases.

IBM adds four-way server to i5 line, 08/23/04

IBM last week bolstered the new eServer i5 server lineup with a box designed for small and midsize businesses looking for an off-the-shelf server that is easy to integrate into an existing environment.

HP ProLiant delays continue, 08/23/04

HP customers will continue to have difficulties ordering custom configurations of HP’s ProLiant servers through the end of this month, company executives told attendees at the HP World conference last week …

Newsletter: HP updates operating system, servers, 08/19/04

At HP World this week, HP is expected to unveil the latest version of its HP-UX operating environment, provide faster processor performance for its AlphaServers, …