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IBM, EMC roll out midrange NAS

Aug 30, 20041 min
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IBM, EMC roll out midrange NAS, 08/30/04

EMC and IBM separately have unveiled midrange network-attached storage products for users who want to combine and manage NAS and storage-area network technology.

Hitachi to unveil high-end storage array, 08/30/04

Hitachi Data Systems is expected next week to roll out a high-end storage array that runs long-promised data pooling and replication software that will let users support multi-vendor storage systems …

Newsletter: Enterprise disk drives have come a long way, 08/26/04

Over the last 20 years, enterprise disk drives have shown a predictable growth when it comes to both capacity and throughput.

IBM reconfigures NAS gateway, 08/24/04

IBM is offering a scaled-down version of its TotalStorage NAS Gateway designed for departments and small businesses that want a lower-priced disaster recovery system.

Newsletter: SNIA furthers interoperability efforts with latest testing lab, 08/24/04

Those of you with an interest in IT humor might remember the old joke about standards: “Sure standards are good. That’s why we have so many of them!”