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Vendors heed cry for compliance mgmt. tools

Sep 06, 20042 mins
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Vendors heed cry for compliance mgmt. tools, 09/06/04

Suppliers of management software are jumping on regulatory compliance concerns by delivering a raft of tools that do everything from sound alerts when systems drift out of whack to automatically …

BMC cooks up batch management tools, 09/06/04

BMC’s Batch Impact Manager is add-on software to the vendor’s Control-M job scheduling and batch processing management software. BIM uses data Control-M collects to track the performance of scheduled jobs and …

CA updates IT service management, 09/06/04

Computer Associates this week will unveil five upgraded applications that are designed to work together at helping customers deliver and manage IT services.

ScriptLogic beefs up desktop mgmt. tools, 09/06/04

ScriptLogic last week introduced the latest version of its desktop management software with an eye toward helping corporations support the rollout of Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Opnet tackles configuration mgmt., 09/06/04

Opnet Technologies last week said by next January it would join the growing number of management vendors offering users software applications designed to monitor, report and track configuration data and …

GTP offers IT mgmt. services, 09/03/04

Greenwich Technology Partners this week introduced three service-management offerings that the company says will help IT shops do everything from define services to manage processes to meet business-oriented …

F5 jams new tools into traffic manager, 08/31/04

The many new mechanisms to secure and speed up applications running on networks are heading for consolidation that should make it easier and less expensive to deliver the kind of performance end users want.