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Mistakes leaders make

Sep 16, 20042 mins
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* Career management firm Lee Hecht Harrison identifies common leadership pitfalls to avoid

The uncertain economy has forced leaders to keep a keen focus on profits, though career management firm Lee Hecht Harrison says some are making management mistakes that drag down the bottom line.

One of your objectives as a leader is to inspire your IT department to new heights of achievement. “If, as a leader, one of my primary concerns is not the welfare of my team, then I’ll never know just how successful we can be,” says Susan Howington, senior vice president and manager director at Lee Hecht Harrison. “Positive regard for your people leads to the best customer service, the highest level of contribution by each team member and the highest profits.”

Lee Hecht Harrison identifies these other common leadership pitfalls to avoid:

* Failure to make timely decisions: Delaying the decision-making process can cause you to lose competitive advantage. Many executives are fearful of taking a risk and lose important opportunities.

* Poor people skills: Your employees are your most valuable asset. The ability to listen, be consistent and evoke trust is key to creating an atmosphere of commitment and pride.

* Not investing in staff: While most leaders recognize the return on investment in maintaining IT gear and other assets, they need to keep in mind that providing career development and coaching opportunities reaps a big payoff too.

* Sweating the small stuff: Don’t waste time on the insignificant and trust your people to make decisions. This will free you from putting out fires that can be handled by others.

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