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Expand Networks accelerates DSL

Sep 14, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Expand Networks appliance to speed Web traffic over DSL

Expand Networks this week will unveil an appliance to accelerate Web application traffic to remote and branch offices using business-class DSL.

The Accelerator 1820 for DSL will help offices improve application performance, Expand says. The company is betting on more customers using DSL because it helps companies optimize WAN capacity. In-Stat estimates that there were 1.9 million business DSL users in 2003, and that number is expected to grow to 3 million in 2005.

According to Expand, despite DSL’s benefits over the WAN, issues such as intermittent connectivity, latency, packet loss and bandwidth abuse can still cause companies to experience poor application performance.

“As companies move away from frame relay and traditional leased lines to lower costs options, they could jeopardize application performance,” says Ariel Shulman, vice president of business development at Expand. “The objective is to improve application response times with next-generation WAN compression features, which increases the capacity of the line.”

He says competitive products from vendors such as Packeteer and Peribit stop at compression, whereas Expand goes on to offer advanced QoS features as well. The Accelerator 1820 can also handle heavy traffic loads from Citrix applications and prevent problems such as packet loss and jitter when sending VoIP and video traffic over a WAN.

The appliance is connected to a LAN in a remote office, typically connected between a switch and a router. Expand equipped the device with an LCD panel for “at-a-glance” status information and a keypad providing the capability to configure the appliance without using a local console cable or configuring the appliance remotely using the dial-in port. The appliance can be managed at the main location using Expand’s ExpandView management console software.

The Accelerator 1820 for DSL costs about $2,000 and is available immediately.