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Fast times for wireless LANs

Sep 20, 20041 min

Latest LAN news.

Fast times for wireless LANs, 09/17/04

The IEEE this week took the latest step in crafting a standard to boost wireless LAN throughput to 100M bit/sec or more.

IBM fits PCs with new hardware-based security chip, 09/16/04

IBM has begun using new security hardware from National Semiconductor in its desktop PCs in an effort to fend off viruses and hackers.

Newsletter: Strides made on standard for 10G over multimode, 09/16/04

Earlier this year I mentioned that the IEEE was beginning to look at a standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet over FDDI-grade multimode fiber. That effort continues …

Newsletter: Force10’s latest switch is a first, 09/14/04

A switch Force10 Networks introduced this week has been verified by the Tolly Group to be the first terabit Gigabit Ethernet switch/router it has come across.