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Infravio expands beyond Web services mgmt.

Nov 17, 20032 mins
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Infravio expands beyond Web services mgmt., 11/17/03

Infravio last week unveiled the newest version of its software that focuses on giving companies a way to customize delivery of Web services using various security, transport and other mechanisms.

HP acquisitions bear ‘adaptive’ fruit, 11/17/03

HP last week unveiled software and services that promise to help IT managers better integrate management data, assign user access rights, manage heterogeneous servers and start to implement …

RTCP XR measures VoIP performance, 11/17/03

RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports defines a set of metrics that contain information for assessing VoIP call quality and diagnosing problems

Women in IT face same challenges as elsewhere, 11/13/03

Women working in the U.S. IT industry face the same challenges to career advancement as in any other field, according to a new study released Wednesday.

Liberty completes Phase 2 of its identity work, 11/12/03

The Liberty Alliance on Wednesday gave final approval to the latest specification in its three-phase effort to develop open and interoperable federated identity standards that will allow …

Dell, Microsoft streamline management, 11/11/03

In an effort to reduce the number of tools customers need to run their IT environments, Dell on Tuesday rolled out updates to its OpenManage product to provide a single console for managing hardware, …

HP officially launches Nimbus systems mgmt. tool, 11/11/03

Continuing to evolve its Adaptive Enterprise vision, HP on Tuesday unveiled more than three-dozen management software and services products, including its much-anticipated systems …