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IBM fuels Web services push

Nov 19, 20033 mins

Latest IBM news.

IBM fuels Web services push, 11/17/03

Trying to feed its momentum in the Web services market, IBM on Monday announced it is expanding the number of technical centers dedicated to helping corporate users create Web services as well as identify …

SCO: GPL threatens $229 billion software market, 11/19/03

The SCO Group CEO Darl McBride enlisted the help of the World Intellectual Property Organization to bolster his arguments against the open source GNU General Public License, or GPL, and Linux during a keynote address at the CD Expo conference in Las Vegas.

UCSF, IBM pair for medical research, 11/17/03

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and IBM have embarked on a three-year collaboration to link UCSF clinical information and research findings, starting with Alzheimer’s disease and …

SCO to pay lawyers millions for more legal firepower, 11/18/03

Unix developer The SCO Group Tuesday said that it is extending an agreement with its lawyers to defend itself against new copyright issues in a move that will take a multimillion-dollar …

Smaller Comdex changes with the times, 11/17/03

Show planners insist they have no problem with the event getting smaller and presenting a more tightly focused IT lineup.

Analysts puzzled over SCO, IBM subpoenas, 11/14/03 

Industry analysts were left scratching their heads this week as they tried to understand the reasoning behind ten subpoenas sent out by IBM and The SCO Group recently as part of their ongoing …

OSDL to pay for Torvalds’ lawyers, 11/14/03

Open Source Development Labs Friday said that it will pay the legal fees for Linux creator Linus Torvalds and other lab employees who have been ensnared in a lawsuit between IBM and The SCO Group.

IBM builds TV-sized supercomputer, 11/14/03

IBM has built a 512-node prototype of its Blue Gene L supercomputer that has been ranked as the 73rd most powerful computer in the world. The machine, which is capable of a peak performance of 2 …

Palmisano: No more ‘gizmos and guessing’ for IT, 11/13/03 

IBM has talked about the technology behind its on-demand software initiative for over a year now, but on Wednesday the computer giant turned its attention to the customer at an event held at …

Liberty completes Phase 2 of its identity work, 11/12/03

The Liberty Alliance on Wednesday gave final approval to the latest specification in its three-phase effort to develop open and interoperable federated identity standards that will allow …

IBM’s internal on-demand overhaul, 11/12/03

When Sam Palmisano mapped out his strategic vision last year, he told clients that IBM would be its own on-demand guinea pig. Big Blue’s chief executive pledged to assign a top IBM official to …

he other side of IT vision, 11/17/03

It is time to start asking some serious questions about how we deliver processing power to our organizations and whether we’re leading ourselves into a vision that we didn’t create but rather bought from …