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Tackling app performance management

Dec 01, 20032 mins
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Tackling app performance management, 12/01/03

Research shows IT managers need to start building better application management into their infrastructures.

Server management standard gaining steam, 12/01/03

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface is a standard that industry observers say is becoming increasingly useful as organizations look for ways to streamline management and cut costs in the …

Anti-spam market braces for shakeout, 12/01/03

With the onslaught of vendors jumping on the spam-fighting bandwagon, choosing the right anti-spam product can be almost as tedious as wading through an in-box of junk mail. But signs are pointing to a shakeout in the anti-spam market over the next year or two that will eliminate many of today’s players.

Olympic net gets gold security protection, 12/01/03

Imagine spending three years and millions of dollars to plan a campus-style LAN for 10,500 PCs and 900 servers, knowing it would only be in place for three weeks, with thousands of TV and …

How to: Adding ‘oomph’ to your network, 12/01/03

Some companies operate finely tuned environments with network packets humming along at a disciplined pace; others operate at a halting cadence on shared media and cabling from the first Bush Administration. Whichever camp you’re in, check out these tips from corporate IT veterans and industry experts for kicking the network up a notch.

How to: How to get to utility computing, 12/01/03

In football, an audible is a quarterback’s opportunity to change his strategy after seeing the defense line up on the field. A slew of vendors – advocates of so-called utility computing – are promising to give IT executives the tools to likewise deploy IT resources on the fly as business conditions change.

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Kleiner dies at 80, 11/25/03

Eugene Kleiner, who founded two of the most influential companies in the history of the technology industry, died last week at the age of 80.