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Start-up manages storage with grids

Dec 01, 20032 mins
Data Center

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Start-up manages storage with grids, 12/01/03

Start-up ExaGrid is looking to change the way businesses handle data backup and recovery with a grid-computing system for storage.

How to: Linking SAN islands, 12/01/03

SANs have helped scores of organizations more easily allocate and manage storage resources, but most SAN installations are dedicated to servers supporting one application. To gain more value, these SAN islands need to be integrated. But what is the best way to do that?

How to: How to get to utility computing, 12/01/03

It’s called grid, utility or on-demand, but it’s all about the same thing: Creating computing infrastructures that can dynamically change tasks as processing needs ebb and flow. It’s a grand vision, but getting there won’t be easy. Here’s how to start.

Newsletter: The ‘chaos factor’ of unplanned downtime, 11/25/03

If we draw a pie chart representing the total downtime at almost any IT shop, the slice for planned downtime – when maintenance, upgrades and so forth take place – would invariably be the largest slice of all.  But if we were to build a companion chart indicating the stress that accompanies downtime, it is a given that unplanned downtime would take up the most space.