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Project portfolio management tools

Dec 11, 20032 mins
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* Tools to help ease the job of IT project portfolio management

In the last newsletter, I shared some resources for learning more about IT investment management. This practice is also known by some as IT project portfolio management. Tracking all the IT projects in your organization is a complicated by necessary endeavor, but the good news is there are several vendor tools that can ease the job.

What follows is a quick sampling of some project portfolio management tools that turned up in a search. This list is by no means all-inclusive, so please share your recommendations of any PPM tools that I’ve missed. Perhaps one of these products will meet your needs:

* Alinean’s ValueIT 3.0

* Artemis International Solutions Corp.’s  Artemis 7

* Business Engine’s Business Planning and Portfolio Management Module

* Changepoint Corp.’s Changepoint 8.0

* Expert Choice’s IT Portfolio * ITCentrix’s Application e-Valuator

* Pacific Edge Software’s Portfolio Edge 2.0

* Primavera Systems, Inc.’s Primavera Evolve 6.3

* ProSight, Inc.’s Portfolios

* Systemcorp’s PMOffice

To aid your evaluation, you can find a vendor-hosted reprint of a Giga report on PPM tools. Go to page 5 of the PDF at for a feature functionality comparison chart. Gartner’s magic quadrant of how the PPM vendors stacked up as of last July (2003) may also be helpful. This chart plots various vendors based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute. Get it at