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NetFlash: WLAN shakeout ahead

Dec 09, 20032 mins

WLAN shakeout ahead

The wireless LAN switch market is facing a major shakeout in 2004, so IT executives shopping for 802.11 gear need to take special care to pick an architecture that suits their long-term plans and a vendor with staying power. Expect to see start-up vendors dropping out of the market and those with an established wire presence surviving.

IEEE: Chinese security standard could fracture Wi-Fi

The implementation of a Chinese security standard for wireless networking could undermine efforts to develop a global standard for wireless LANs and drive up the cost of networking equipment for end users, warned a senior executive at the IEEE. The Chinese WLAN standard is similar in many ways to the Wi-Fi standard, except for one crucial difference – security. The existence of two different standards for WLANs, one for China and one for the rest of the world, could cause a terrible split in the wireless market.

C&W finds buyer for U.S. business

It’s good news for Cable & Wireless customers that C&W has announced plans to sell its U.S. business to Gores Technology Group, culminating a market exit than began in June.

Oracle patches SSL server bugs

Oracle has issued a security alert and software patches for a set of serious vulnerabilities in the security protocols used by some of its server products.