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Insider threat looms largest

Dec 10, 20032 mins

Latest security news.

Security experts: Insider threat looms largest, 12/08/03

While the U.S. military is building up defenses to fend off network-based attacks from enemy states and terrorists, some say the more-insidious security problem is the threat of an insider bent on sabotage or stealing data.

Oracle patches SSL server bugs, 12/09/03

Oracle has issued a security alert and software patches for a set of serious vulnerabilities in the security protocols used by some of its server products.

No Christmas patches from Microsoft, 12/09/03

Microsoft has an early holiday gift for systems administrators: no monthly security patch release in December.

Radware switch targets attacks, 12/08/03

Radware last week debuted a security appliance that could help businesses stop Web-based attacks such as Welchia and MS-SQL Slammer at the network gates.

NetContinuum boosts security gateway, 12/08/03

NetContinuum this week is scheduled to launch an updated version of its application-firewall appliance for protecting HTML-based and some non-Web applications from about 4,000 known attacks aimed at subverting servers.

Sobig virus tops charts for 2003, 12/03/03

The Sobig e-mail worm that clogged in-boxes in August was the most prolific virus of 2003, according to a top 10 list of viruses published by anti-virus software vendor Sophos.

Ridge calls on business for security blueprint, 12/03/03

Calling on the private sector to do its part in securing the U.S. computer network infrastructure, top officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Wednesday warned members of the high-technology industry that unless they took concrete steps toward cybersecurity, their industry could face government regulation.

Yahoo Instant Messenger contains security flaw, 12/03/03

Security researchers are warning of a security hole in Yahoo’s Messenger that could allow attackers to run their own code on computers using the instant messaging program.