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Controversy over Chinese WLAN standard deepens

Dec 10, 20033 mins

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Controversy over Chinese WLAN standard deepens, 12/10/03

Licensing requirements at the heart of a Chinese standard for wireless LANs threaten to disrupt the ability of networking equipment vendors to do business in China, according to a U.S. technology trade group.

First test of IPv6 network goes well, 12/09/03

An early test of a multisite, next-generation Internet, powered by IPv6 went well, and the coalition of groups working on the so-called Moonv6 project will conduct more comprehensive tests starting …

Novell joins Linux consortium, 12/09/03

Novell Tuesday furthered its Linux initiative by joining the Open Source Development Labs, a consortium of companies that are accelerating Linux adoption.

Spam bill heads to President Bush, 12/08/03

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved an amended version of a bill that will allow penalties of up to $6 million and five years in jail for sending some e-mail spam, the last step before the bill can be signed into law by President George W. Bush.

IEEE: Chinese security standard could fracture Wi-Fi, 12/09/03

The implementation of a Chinese security standard for wireless networking could undermine efforts to develop a global standard for wireless LANs and drive up the cost of networking equipment for end users, warned a senior executive at the IEEE in a recent letter to Chinese government officials.

Wireless LANs getting priorities straight, 12/08/03

With wireless LANs starting to be used for more than just data traffic, quality of service is getting taken more seriously.

OASIS elects IBM, Nokia, Oracle staff to board, 12/08/03

Representatives from Nokia, Oracle and IBM have joined the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards’ (OASIS) board of directors, the organization announced Monday.

ITU – Preparatory talks clear way for Internet summit, 12/08/03

Government negotiators from nearly 200 countries narrowed their differences on how to manage the Internet and protect freedom of expression online in an important round of preparatory talks over the weekend in Geneva, but failed to agree on how to fund the Internet’s expansion in developing countries.

FCC hears views on VoIP regulation, 12/08/03

The FCC should take a mostly hands-off approach to regulating voice over IP so the technology can continue to mature and provide consumers with a choice of telephone services, vendors told regulators last week.