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Warp to release queuing app

Jan 13, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Warp Solutions prepping SpiderQ application

Warp Solutions this month plans to unveil an application to help enterprise network managers ensure the performance and availability of Web-based content.

Warp SpiderQ runs on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms and provides an intelligent queuing system to prevent Web server bottlenecks.

The company already makes appliances to accelerate both Web and application traffic, but Warp CTO Greg Parker says SpiderQ gives customers another approach to optimizing traffic delivery and ensuring accurate content.

“By being on general-purpose equipment, using our products doesn’t require a forklift upgrade,” Parker says. “We are also able to deal with application acceleration and dynamic content caching, two problem sets we see across enterprise companies today.”

Warp says SpiderQ software has TCP/IP session management features. The software lets network managers use their infrastructure to accommodate more inbound requests or client connections. It optimizes existing Web resources and increases the number of users and pages served by managing potential TCP/IP overload and denial-of-service errors.

The SpiderQ software comes partly from Warp’s 2002 acquisition of SpiderSoftware. The SpiderCache software supports dynamic and static Web content, and Warp says it makes servers perform 10 to 40 times faster by offloading requests from origin servers.

SpiderCache v3, according to the company, includes a distributed architecture that gives customers flexibility in how they set up their Web infrastructure. The software includes a Central Manager module, which has a console to manage how content is cached and distributed. The SpiderCache Source Manager is installed on origin Web servers and provides access to source files, as well as to partially cached content, the company says.

Warp competitors include CacheFlow, Network Appliance and F5 Networks. Parker says the company’s combination of hardware devices and intelligent software allows it to address more diverse enterprise customer needs. “We stand alone in our ability of that link between the origin server and the remote office,” Parker says.

Warp SpiderQ software is expected to be available in the first quarter of this year. Pricing has yet to be determined.