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‘Next EDI’ gains key proponent

Jan 27, 20042 mins
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‘Next EDI’ gains key proponent, 01/26/04

A major commitment from the Department of Defense is expected to give a critical boost to a Web-based, business-to-business communications framework that supporters call the next EDI.

Grids moving beyond science, 01/26/04

A few years ago, Daniel Kaberon never would have considered deploying any of his applications on a grid-computing environment. Now he can’t imagine life without the distributed technology.

Tech Update: Virtualization downsizes the data center, 01/26/04

Data centers run an array of computing, storage and network systems that creates management challenges and strains IT resources. There’s a growing need to simplify and automate data center networks to make them run smarter and more efficiently. Network virtualization technology is key to accomplishing that goal.

IBM, partners push new Web services, 01/26/04

IBM and its partners last week introduced three specifications designed to support an event notification infrastructure for Web services that can be integrated with grid computing and systems management.

EMC rolls out ILM wares, 01/26/04

EMC bolstered critical parts of its information lifecycle management line Monday with the release of database-archiving software and a set of storage services intended to help customers put in ILM hierarchies.