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by Steve Taylor and Larry Hettick

Verizon’s converged bundle

Feb 04, 20042 mins

* Verizon bundles data and wireless with phone bill

While in Washington, D.C., attending ComNet, we noticed a seldom seen form of convergence targeted to the mass market – a converged bill for data, wireline and wireless services offered by Verizon.

What first caught out attention was a TV commercial from Verizon announcing the availability of local and long distance calling bundled with DSL.

DSL experts know that DSL and voice calls share the same copper loop. So while the access loop is by nature “bundled” to provide the two services, Verizon goes one step further and offers a bundling discount to customers who buy both from Verizon. Verizon’s Online DSL with MSN provides Internet access from Verizon Online.

Like many other service providers, Verizon offers a flat rate for voice services as part of the deal, providing unlimited direct-dialed local, regional, and long distance anytime, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Included with the service price are five popular calling features, including Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Speed Dialing 8 and Three-Way Calling.

Verizon’s entry-level wireless calling plan, included in the bundle, gives the user 400 or more anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, and 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes with no roaming or long distance charges.

To us, it sounds like Verizon has realized it can’t live solely off local loop revenue, and by providing combinations of wireless and wireline voice with a data connection to the Internet, Verizon gets a leg up on many of its competitors. Pricing for the complete package is around $115, offering a measurable savings over services purchased individually.