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by Steve Taylor and Larry Hettick

Shoreline and Nortel rate high among users

Feb 09, 20042 mins

* In IP telephony, users like Shoreline and Nortel

According to Nemertes Research, Shoreline and Nortel have the highest user satisfaction among implementers of IP telephony.

The research was conducted via in-depth interviews with IT executives, and, most notably, the research was not sponsored by any IP telephony manufacturers.

Shoreline’s high satisfaction rating came from a starting position as a bit of a dark horse. In fact, when the execs were asked about which companies they considered, Cisco led the pack with more than 70% of the respondents. Nortel and Avaya had a statistical dead heat for second with a little over 50%, and all of the other players followed with less than 15% considering them. Cisco also led the pack on the purchases, garnering over half of the installations. Cisco was followed by Avaya, Nortel and Shoreline, in that order.

When it came to satisfaction, though, Shoreline was the clear leader. The respondents were asked to respond in six areas: cost, technology, ease of use, management, customer service and performance. Among Nortel, Siemens, Cisco, Avaya and Shoreline, Shoreline had the highest marks in every area. Most impressively, Shoreline led the competition by roughly one point on a zero-to-six scale in most of the areas. The results of the other four companies were much closer, but Nortel edged out the competition for second place in four of the six areas, with Cisco coming in second on customer service and Avaya tying Nortel on performance.

If you want to know more details, there’s a Webcast by Nemertes about the study available on demand at Webtorials: