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A new reason to visit the research center

Feb 12, 20042 mins

* Network World Fusion’s LAN Research Center

If you’re reading this, then LANs is a topic near and dear to your heart – and so you should also be reading Network World’s LAN Research Center.

I’ve plugged the research center here before, but there has been one very important change (well, important to me, anyway): I’ve now been tasked with overseeing the page. Here’s the URL to bookmark:

This means that I write a Weblog spotlighting what’s going on in the world of LANs. That sounds a bit like this newsletter, but the Weblog will probably be only a paragraph or two at a time, and it will tend to focus on resources available on Network World Fusion and elsewhere.

Breaking news automatically goes to the page every day, and any reviews of LAN gear end up there as well. Plus, it’s a central place to find links to forums about LAN questions, columns about LANs and an archive of this newsletter.

On top of that, if you look to the right of the Weblog you’ll see a list of “LAN resources,” where we provide (hopefully) useful links to information relating to LANs.

If anything is out of date, I need to fix it – so please let me know at if something is wrong or missing. As a recent example of something that needed changing, up until the other day we had a link to the 10GBASE-CX4 Study Group’s page, but the group has been a Task Force for some time, and has a different page.

Lastly, note that the scope of LANs on the research page is broader than in this newsletter, so you’ll see lots of information about PCs and servers in there.

Let me know what you think!