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by Steve Taylor and Larry Hettick

SBC services deliver multimedia

Feb 25, 20042 mins

* SBC unveils services that add IP-based multimedia features to voice

Last week, SBC Communications announced business services that allow companies to add secure IP features and services to their voice infrastructure. The SBC Multimedia Communication Solutions services are based on the Nortel Networks Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100.

The new offerings join the SBC portfolio of hosted and premises equipment-based pure VoIP services, which include SBC PremierSERV Hosted IP Communications Service and SBC PremierSERV Total IP Communications Solution. They provide businesses with a flexible range of options for incorporating IP features and functionality into communications networks.

SBC consultants would install and maintain the MCS 5100, which can work in conjunction with traditional business Centrex or PBX voice systems. The platform delivers new features such as call screening, call logging, picture caller ID, desktop video calling, and integrated instant messaging. The system allows businesses to maintain the functionality and numbering plan of their current voice network while augmenting it with new productivity and collaborative communications tools. As part of the package, system maintenance, management, and monitoring services are also available.

“These service offerings will provide excellent new options for businesses that have heavily invested in their existing networks,” said Chuck Rudnick, senior vice president of business marketing for SBC Communications, in a statement. “The new offerings add to our comprehensive IP portfolio, allowing us to deliver the right solution for nearly any business need or circumstance.”

As Larry told SBC, this is a win-win for companies and their customers – especially those who will get the benefits of a fully featured IP telephony-based system and clear path forward to converged applications.