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Microsoft security updates for March

Mar 10, 20042 mins

Latest security news.

Microsoft releases March security updates, 03/09/04

Microsoft continued its policy of releasing monthly security updates with three new software patches on Tuesday, including fixes for the MSN Messenger instant messaging program, Windows Media Services and the Outlook e-mail client.

Cisco releases security products, features, 03/09/04

New hardware and enhancements to Cisco’s software products will make computer networks more resilient to attack, the company said Tuesday.

Comcast cutting off spam zombies, 03/09/04

ISP Comcast is cutting off Internet service for some customers whose computers are being used to relay spam messages, according to a company spokeswoman.

China’s Legend develops PC security technology, 03/09/04

Legend Group, China’s largest PC maker, is developing technologies that could be used to make computers more secure.

MCI offers DoS safety net, 03/08/04

MCI last week announced its first service-level agreement that covers response time for denial-of-service attacks directed at its customers.

Teros adds XML security to firewall, 03/08/04

Application firewall maker Teros Monday said it is adding protection for Web services to its Secure Application Gateway product line.

Breaking code in the name of good, 03/08/04

It may seem odd to release a book called “Exploiting Software: How to break code” at a security conference.  But co-authors Gary McGraw and Greg Hoglund did just that at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in February and weren’t thrown out on their ears. Network World sits down with McGraw to get his thoughts.

‘Worm war’ behind recent virus releases, 03/03/04

Anti-virus experts have identified new versions of three major e-mail worms and say that a “war” between rival virus writers may be to blame for the rash of outbreaks in recent weeks.