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Spawn of Bagle and Netsky roil Internet,

Mar 03, 20042 mins

Latest security news.

Spawn of Bagle and Netsky roil Internet, 03/02/04

Serial worm outbreaks continued on Tuesday as new variants of the Bagle and Netsky e-mail worms spread on the Internet.

What are they thinking? 03/01/04

Knowing hackers’ favorite attack patterns and motivations can lead to better network security.

Software helps battle network security threats, 03/01/04

Two vendors recently upgraded products that promise to help network executives identify potential threats and reduce the effects of vulnerabilities on revenue-generating applications.

‘Net Buzz: Let’s talk about punishment, 03/01/04

You’ve probably seen the Southwest Airlines commercial in which an office worker unintentionally unleashes an e-mail virus and then stands in astonishment as her negligent act comes crashing down – audibly, no less – on a sea of fellow cubicle dwellers.

With Bagle, Netsky, March comes in like a worm, 03/01/04

Conventional wisdom claims March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But with new versions of the Bagle e-mail worm and a virulent new form of Netsky virus, March’s arrival is looking more wormy than leonine.

Competing technologies could shake up e-mail, 03/01/04

Microsoft’s announcement at the RSA Conference last week of a host of initiatives to stop unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam, highlighted some tectonic shifts taking place in the once staid world of Internet messaging.

Microsoft to make its software ‘behave’, 03/01/04

Microsoft’s revelation last week that it is adopting a new approach to computer security dubbed “behavior blocking” represents a radical shift in the company’s software design strategy that could pay off for attack-weary Windows users, industry watchers say.