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NetFlash: AT&T offers proactive tools to help stop malicious net attacks

Mar 24, 20042 mins

AT&T has launched one of the first proactive services designed to alert customers that their network might be under attack. The Internet Protect service is supposed to alert customers in real-time if their network is being attacked. And if that’s not enticing enough in a time where we have more viruses a year than we do days, the service comes with a money-back guarantee if it fails to heed the appropriate warning.

AT&T offers proactive tools to help stop malicious net attacks

EU fines Microsoft $613 million

After a five-year investigation, the European Commission Wednesday announced that it has fined Microsoft $613 million. In addition, Microsoft has been ordered to offer a version of its Windows operating system without the Windows Media Player software within 90 days. Some analysts say the ruling may be too little too late, but Sun says the decision is an important one for consumers. Microsoft, of course, is planning to challenge the ruling.

Yahoo, Hotmail vulnerable to security flaw

An Israeli security company is warning users of Yahoo’s Web e-mail service and Microsoft’s Hotmail service of a serious security flaw that could allow remote attackers to run malicious computer scripts on computers using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser to check Web e-mail accounts.

Panel: Government IT must consider privacy, ethics

A panel of technology experts speaking at the FOSE government computing trade show says government technologists have an obligation to consider ethical and moral issues such as privacy when embracing new applications. When addressing questions from the audience, the panel was asked, “If someone has nothing to hide, why shouldn’t we be able to take their biometric data?” The answer, “…none of you would tolerate routine invasion of your homes and searching of your personal possessions by a police force because you had nothing to hide.”  Indeed.

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