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Warp pumps up SpiderCache

Mar 30, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Warp upgrades its Web content and acceleration tool

Warp Technology Holdings this month released upgrades to its Web content and acceleration technology for Apache and Microsoft Web servers.

Warp SpiderCache, which Warp inherited through its purchase of SpiderSoftware, supports dynamic and static Web content. Warp says SpiderCache makes servers perform 10 to 40 times faster by offloading requests from origin servers. SpiderCache Enterprise reduces the processing requirements on active servers by locally caching dynamically generated content from Web-based applications, the company says.

SpiderCache Enterprise Version 4 now includes advanced clustering capabilities, remote site management with support for multiple server configuration, an improved Web administration console, and enhanced security and encryption features. The software is designed to accelerate business-critical applications and content delivered over IP-based networks.

The company says the software application does not require the installation of additional hardware as customers can use existing network resources. SpiderCache can be deployed on a stand-alone Web server or in a distributed, branch office environment. The software includes a Central Manager module, which has a console to manage how content is cached and distributed. The SpiderCache Source Manager is installed on origin Web servers and provides access to source files, as well as to partially cached content, the company says.

SpiderCache Enterprise can be deployed in a clustered environment or grouped into sites. Each site includes at least one SpiderCache application, which can be connected in a “parent-child relationship,” in which, Warp says, the parent manages the respective child’s locations. According to Warp, “this gives enterprises organizations the ability to place one or more SpiderCache servers in front of their application server, and child servers at remote offices to increase the server response rate and to reduce bandwidth usage.”

Available now, Warp SpiderCache Enterprise Version 4 is priced starting at $10,000 in the U.S.