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McNealy: Don’t dismiss us in data centers

Apr 07, 20043 mins
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Latest Sun news.

McNealy: Don’t dismiss us in data centers, 04/05/04

Sun CEO Scott McNealy talks about everything from Java to Linux in a Network World Q&A.

Sun names Loiacono new head of software, 04/05/04

Sun has promoted John Loiacono to replace Jonathan Schwartz as the new head if its software business. Schwartz was elevated to president and chief operating officer Friday, when Sun announced a …

Beyond the Superdome, 04/05/04

Server consolidation paves the way for utility computing.

Escape from D.C., 04/05/04

Disaster-recovery plan leads to data center consolidation of servers and storage.

Analysis: Sun-Microsoft deal good for IT managers, 04/02/04

Sun and Microsoft’s icebreaking partnership finalized in the wee hours of Friday morning could provide years of relief from agonizing integration projects for corporate IT if the marriage …

Sun shakes up jobs, money and partners, 04/02/04

Saying that it is undertaking “one of the great repositionings of the post Internet bubble,” Sun not only announced Friday that it reached a settlement on antitrust charges and is collaborating with long- …

Sun, Microsoft settle suit in billion-dollar pact, 04/02/04

Sun Friday said it has entered into a “broad cooperation agreement” with Microsoft and settled all outstanding litigation. Microsoft will pay Sun $700 million to resolve all pending anti-trust …

Tadpole to build Opteron notebooks by June, 04/01/04

Tadpole Computer Wednesday said it will launch its first notebooks based on Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron processor by the end of June. The new notebooks will ship with Sun’s Java Desktop System …

Sun: Door still open on open source Java, 03/31/04

While acknowledging obstacles remain, a Sun official on Tuesday left open the possibility that Sun might offer its Java programming language under an open source format.

Wal-Mart teams with Sun on Linux PCs, 03/31/04

Wal-Mart began selling PCs manufactured by Microtel Computer Systems this week featuring Sun’s alternative operating system based on Linux and its StarOffice productivity software, according to Wal-Mart …

Weblog: Let’s be friends, 04/05/04

Cats and dogs living together. Sun and Microsoft working together. If asked which statement was true before last Friday’s love feat, most would have gone with the feline/canine thing. But the shake of hands …

Compendium: Evil conspiracy theory, Java editon, 04/02/04

Clemens Vasters speculates on the real reason IBM wants to make Java open source.