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Net2Phone, Quintum in deal

Apr 14, 20042 mins

* VoIP provider Net2Phone meets VoIP gear maker Quintum

Late last month, VoIP service provider Net2Phone and VoIP equipment maker Quintum Technologies agreed to jointly market Net2Phone’s VoIP enterprise services with Quintum’s Tenor VoIP MultiPath switches and gateways.

Net2Phone has routed billions of retail VoIP minutes globally, servicing more than 100,000 users in the U.S. as well as hundreds of thousands more overseas. Net2Phone offers a primary-line replacement service with guaranteed quality of service and features such as E911.

Quintum specializes in VoIP technologies that bring the reliability and voice clarity of public telephone networks to Internet telephony. Its Tenor VoIP MultiPath switch performs real-time PSTN failover to reduce the risk from poor IP voice quality.

This announcement follows on the heels of Quintum’s earlier announcement: Quintum joined ITXC’s VoIPLink Ready program to provide ITXC’s carrier customers and suppliers “off the shelf” VoIP interoperability. ITXC and Quintum will also cooperate in marketing and selling their VoIP service and VoIP products in select markets.

We believe both announcements are especially good news for enterprises that want to extend part their VoIP reach globally. This approach will let enterprises build a VoIP network of their own where it makes sense, and easily add in “off-net” capabilities from two well-established VoIP service providers like Net2Phone and ITXC.