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Sun Java executive surfaces at software startup

Apr 14, 20042 mins
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Sun Java executive surfaces at software startup, 04/13/04

A former Sun Java executive, who left the company just a week after Sun and Microsoft announced their landmark settlement and partnership agreement April 2, has surfaced. His new employer: software …

Solaris ready for Sun’s Opteron, 04/12/04

Sun last week rolled out the sixth update to Solaris 9, which includes support for new platforms, including the Opteron-based Sun Fire V20z.

BEA, Sun advance their Java app servers, 04/12/04

BEA Systems and Sun each advanced their Java application servers Monday. BEA offered customers a path to utility computing through a partnership with Veritas, while Sun released a low-end version of its …

Q&A: Sun gambles big on future chip design, 04/12/04

Sun’s recent surprise decision to drop work on its UltraSparc V processor could be seen as either a desperate cost-cutting measure by a troubled company, or a vote of confidence for the next …

Sun ready to Rock without UltraSparc V, 04/09/04

Sun has decided to drop the next-generation UltraSparc V from its road map in favor of its recently disclosed Rock processor, signaling a shift in the strategic direction of the company’s processor division.

Microsoft can buy off Sun legal threats for 10 years, 04/09/04

As part of their landmark agreement reached last week, Microsoft has the option to pay Sun millions of dollars each year to shield itself from patent infringement lawsuits by its former nemesis, …

Opinion: Anomalous things, 04/12/04

Anomalous Message: “An unexpected error has occurred.” – An unexpected message unexpectedly produced by Microsoft Word.

Weblog: Curiouser and curiouser, 04/12/04

No one could have blamed you if you had thought the news of Microsoft and Sun holding hands and promising to play nice with each other had been an April Fool’s joke. But the agreement reached in …