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ITWorx to add QoS, bandwidth mgmt.

Apr 29, 20042 mins
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* NetCelera line gets bandwidth management features for acceleration appliance

WAN optimization vendor NetCelera plans to add features to its products that the company says can accelerate applications.

WAN optimization vendor ITWorx plans to add features to its NetCelera products that the company says can accelerate applications.

ITWorx, in Burlington, Mass., offers compression, bandwidth and TCP optimization tools with its NetCelera line of products. The company plans to release bandwidth management and QoS features in a few weeks. The company says the features will help IT managers guarantee that bandwidth not used for high-priority applications will be shared among other applications. It controls the maximum bandwidth used per application, essentially enforcing application service-level agreements.

NetCelera T Series WAN acceleration appliances run the company’s Adaptive Connection Compression and Multiplexing at Layer 5 (ACM5) and SpeedArray technologies to perform compression and to ensure data delivery. Two appliances should be installed on a WAN link in the corporate data center (for redundancy, failover and disaster recovery) and one at each remote location.

ACM5 eliminates traffic redundancy using compression at Layer 5, or the session layer, of the OSI model. The session layer sets up, coordinates, and terminates conversations, exchanges, and dialogs between the applications at each end.

SpeedArray uses parallel tunnels to help companies reduce network latency when transferring large data files over WANs. By setting up parallel tunnels, SpeedArray eliminates TCP throughput limitations,  the company  says. SpeedArray sends a set of packets down one tunnel and waits for the acknowledgement. But while it’s waiting, SpeedArray sends additional sets down the other tunnels.

NetCelera also includes server software, NetCelera Enterprise Manager, which lets network managers administer, configure and manage multiple appliances via a centralized console.

Pricing for the products range from $2,500 to $45,000, depending on the WAN link being monitored.