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Software enhances digital rights management

Apr 12, 20042 mins
Data Center

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Software enhances digital rights management, 04/12/04

Rights management vendor Liquid Machines last week released the latest version of its data-protection software that lets customers extend corporate document access controls to partners and suppliers.

Gearing up for the CISSP exam, 04/12/04

A Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner shares study tips for obtaining the hot certification.

Newsletter: The value of storage management, 04/08/04

As storage management continues to mature and new technologies like iSCSI impact the storage landscape, it is important to periodically consider the fundamental concept of all storage investments and ask what is the value that the investment delivers. The process of answering that question involves considerable analysis and engineering rigor. It deserves significant energy.

SEC files charges against former CA execs, 04/08/04

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against three former Computer Associates International finance executives on Thursday stemming from its probe of accounting violations …

Network Intelligence adds analysis to security tools, 04/07/04

Network Intelligence Wednesday released an upgraded version of its software along with a line of appliances that support it, which the company says will provide enterprise security managers …

Newsletter: Oblix’ circle of trust, 04/07/04

Identity federation is usually explained by an example that typically begins: “An airline, a hotel chain, a car rental company and a credit card company walked into a bar …

Newsletter: Avocent makes IPMI buy, 04/06/04

Avocent, a maker of keyboard-video-mouse switches, announced last week it has acquired OSA Technologies, an independent software vendor that is building embedded …

Newsletter: CIO executive searches, 04/06/04

A report from executive recruiter Christian & Timbers shows that CIOs are becoming sought after again. According to the firm’s “State of the CIO” study, CIO search …