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Security: Build it or buy it?

May 12, 20044 mins

Latest security news.

Network World Mini Showdown: Security: Build it or buy it? 05/12/04

Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Internet Security and Nir Zuk of Juniper debate the issue of outsourcing security versus the do-it-yourself approach.

Yet another Sasser worm appears, 05/11/04

A new version of the Sasser Internet worm, Sasser-F, appeared on Monday, despite claims by German authorities to have arrested the sole author of that worm on Friday.

Bluetooth group downplays security risks, 05/11/04

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is dismissing security fears about the technology, saying any flaws in it are limited to a small number of mobile phones — although it has detailed measures …

N+I spotlights security and apps management, 05/10/04

A mix of new and established companies this week will use NetWorld+Interop Las Vegas 2004 to launch a slew of management products, many aimed at helping businesses safeguard networks and applications …

Sasser worm exposes patching failures, 05/10/04

Organizations that evaded last week’s Sasser worm infestation credited vigilant patching processes and preventative measures such as installing server-based behavior-blocking software and worm filtering …

Start-up aims to shut down denial-of-service hits, 05/10/04

Start-up IntruGuard Devices will use the NetWorld+Interop show this week to launch rate-based equipment designed to protect servers from denial-of-service attacks.

Tech Update: Proxy appliances control Web access, 05/10/04

As the use of Web-based applications and the traffic they generate continues to accelerate, IT staffs are deploying proxy appliances to safeguard against the liability, productivity and security risks …

Sasser, Phatbot arrests coordinated, but not linked, 05/10/04

A 21-year-old German man was arrested and has admitted to creating the ubiquitous and dangerous Trojan horse programs Agobot and Phatbot, but is not connected to the German author of the Sasser …

Despite arrest, new variant of Sasser worm appears, 05/10/04

Despite the arrest Friday of the suspected author of the Sasser worm which affected millions of computers worldwide last week, a new variant of the worm appeared Sunday, according to computer …

RSA adds federated ID mgmt., 05/10/04

RSA Security last week announced Federated Identity Manager, Java-based server software that can be used to exchange recognized “trust identities” among businesses to provide authentication and authorization for …

Microsoft SSL patch contains a bug, 05/10/04

Today, we continue our discussion of the Microsoft Secure Sockets Layer buffer overflow vulnerability. According to Netcraft’s March survey of SSL servers, some 39% …

Feature: Testers drill down on SIP, 802.1X security and MPLS, 05/10/04

An exclusive preview of the cutting-edge interoperability testing that will be showcased this week at NetWorld+Interop.

Aventail boosts VPN control package, 05/10/04

Aventail last week unveiled new Secure Sockets Layer VPN software that promises to help users clean up files on client machines, make it easier to create access-control policies and prevent unsecure clients from …

Opinion: Security: Are we on overload? 05/10/04

When Network World Lab Alliance member and Opus One senior partner Joel Snyder and I began discussing ideas for this year’s security technology tour, which kicks off next week in Boston, we kept coming …

Symantec does mail gateway security, 05/10/04

Symantec Monday plans to announce an update to its Mail Security for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol product that offers new features for cleaning up after mass mailing worms and identifying trusted mail …

Newsletter: Training strengthens security, 05/06/04

The Computing Technology Industry Association reports that security training for your IT staff pays in the form of fewer security breaches that affect operations.

Newsletter: Check Point releases SSL appliance, 05/06/04

Check Point has made a serious move into Secure Sockets Layer remote access with the announcement of its SSL appliance Connectra.

Gartner: Phishing attacks up against U.S. consumers, 05/06/04

A new study by research firm Gartner found that the number of online scams known as “phishing attacks” have spiked in the last year and that online consumers are frequently tricked into divulging …

Newsletter: Security overlay architecture holds promise, 05/06/04

We often laud the innovation we see in quality-of-service appliances that enforce application-prioritization rules by inspecting packets through Layer 7. These …