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Companies merge to offer optimized VoIP services

May 27, 20042 mins

* Proficient Networks, IP Deliver team to bring optimized VoIP services to carriers

Proficient Networks and IP Deliver last week announced they have merged and are now InfiniRoute Networks, ready to offer managed VoIP and IP routing services to carriers.

Proficient Networks’ route optimization technology will be paired with IP Deliver’s managed VoIP service, VoIP Global, for carrier-to-carrier connections. InfiniRoute Networks says its carrier-neutral, managed VoIP interconnection service integrates voice and IP routing for wired, wireless and emerging carriers.

Proficient’s Pathfinder software is designed for sites that have Internet connections from multiple providers. It keeps track of inbound and outbound traffic. Proficient’s software runs on server appliances that sit on a corporate LAN as router peers and monitor traffic in and out of the site’s Internet connections. Based on policies set by customers, Pathfinder can route traffic to the ISP giving the best performance, the lowest rates or some balance of the two. Another parameter the equipment can take into account is the total amount of traffic sent to each ISP so far in the current month.

IP Deliver’s VoIP Global connectivity product helps carriers that do not have the internal resources to negotiate and implement bilateral VoIP routes with other carriers. The company says VoIP Global’s network interconnect commercial relationships can help carriers terminate their VoIP traffic at competitive prices. IP Deliver can also establish and negotiate, on behalf of the carrier, direct bilateral VoIP route relationships.

By combining IP route optimization technology with managed VoIP service, InfiniRoute offers carriers and their enterprise customers access to VoIP with voice quality and reliability guarantees. InfiniRoute allows carriers to provision new interconnections using VoIP while strictly controlling traffic based on quality and price.

BV Capital, Canaan Partners and El Dorado Ventures provided venture backing for the merger.