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Virtual tape gets a boost

May 24, 20042 mins
Data Center

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Virtual tape gets a boost, 05/24/04

Users of virtual tape got a boost last week with Bus-Tech’s introduction of the Mainframe Appliance for Storage for EMC Centera, which lets customers more quickly save and retrieve fixed content data.

A vision of togetherness, 05/24/04

One analyst explains how server and storage virtualization will one day converge, enabling unified, and even autonomic, management of today’s distinct systems environments.

Storage as utility, 05/24/04

Pay-as-you-go storage options are electrifying companies by making cost management and capacity planning far easier than with previous on-demand plans.

Offloading storage management, 05/24/04

While capacity-on-demand and metered storage options might be over the top for small and midsize businesses, managed storage services could be just right for them.

Unstructured, yet essential, 05/24/04

Don’t overlook audio clips, Word documents and other desktop data when plotting your new data center storage strategy.

On computons and the future of metered storage, 05/24/04

If HP has its way, “computon” will soon be a word in your new data center vocabulary.

EMC rolls out low-end NAS appliance, 05/20/04

EMC Thursday furthered its commitment to the small-business storage market with the introduction of a low-end network-attached storage (NAS) appliance.

Newsletter: The complexity of utility computing, 05/20/04

The greater the complexity of your computing ecosystem, the more likely you’ll derive benefits from a utility model. If enterprise storage for you really means ” …

Q&A: NetApp CEO on earnings, competition, 05/19/04

Network Appliance Tuesday posted fourth-quarter and year-end financial results showing a 39% increase in quarterly earnings over the same period last year — and a 31% increase over 2003 as a whole. …

Newsletter: Three steps to storage virtualization, 05/18/04

The problem: out-of-control storage costs. The solution: storage virtualization. Sounds simple? It’s not.

Newsletter: Digging into utility computing, 05/18/04

What is the difference between the computing model we use today and the evolving concept of utility computing? In a very real sense, the differences exist down to the …