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The New Data Center: Spotlight on storage

May 25, 20043 mins
Data Center

Latest data center news.

The New Data Center: Spotlight on storage, 05/24/04

See how new data center technologies such as information life-cycle management, pay-as-you-go capacity and virtualization can help you handle storage demands.

IBM updates SAN File System software, 05/25/04

IBM next month will release a new version of its TotalStorage SAN File System Software designed to work with a wider variety of new server and storage environments.

Blade servers get integrated, 05/24/04

Blade servers, those compact slices of computing power that fit into racks like books in a bookshelf, have largely been relegated to running front-end jobs in the data center – tasks such as Web serving, …

New online help column: Server Sleuths, 05/24/04

The Sleuths want to help you crack the tough server management cases. This week, they look at keeping control of your data center even after you automate management. Got a server-management question? Write them at

Panacya updates system analysis tool, 05/24/04

Panacya’s flagship product for analyzing system performance has been upgraded with an improved ability to share data among its analytics modules, more pre-packaged modules and easier methods to create or modify modules.

Microsoft adds more to licensing, Software Assurance pot, 05/19/04

Microsoft Wednesday made another move to improve the value of its controversial volume-licensing program with two updates that add disaster recovery features and hosted services to corporate …

IBM, HP, Microsoft discuss autonomic computing strategies, 05/19/04

IBM, Microsoft and HP set aside their rivalry Tuesday to share the stage at the first International Conference on Autonomic Computing in New York, at which representatives from the three …

Via details next-generation processor core, 05/19/04

Via Technologies provided a glimpse on Tuesday of features that will be offered with the company’s upcoming next-generation processor core, called Esther.

IBM looks to VMWare, Msoft for virtualization, 05/19/04

One month after announcing plans to bring virtualization technology to systems based on its Power microprocessors, IBM this week revealed a few more details on how it plans to add a new range of …

Users form enterprise architecture group, 05/19/04

A band of IT executives have teamed to launch a new alliance, the Enterprise Architecture Interest Group (EAIG), which aims to help companies develop and share tips on building well- …