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Future of IOS may be seen in Cisco’s new core router

May 31, 20041 min

Latest Cisco news.

Future of IOS may be seen in Cisco’s new core router, 05/31/04

Cisco’s unveiling last week of a new core router marks a technological rebirth for the company 20 years after it introduced the world to commercial routing.

WLAN vendors spar over implementation methods, 05/31/04

Wireless LAN equipment vendors drew sharp contrasts among themselves in the spirited debate of Network World’s Wireless LAN Showdown last week.

Opinion: Looking for a simple but secure VPN, 05/31/04

I have a small construction company and live 35 miles from my office. What is the simplest, yet most secure method to use VPN technology to hook up to my office from home and vise versa?

Opinion: VoIP security tools are lacking, 05/31/04

Ours is a two-part challenge to VoIP vendors. Make VoIP security education and VoIP security technical assistance more readily available. And second, we’d like to see better tools and user interfaces …