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Truly taking time off

Jun 08, 20042 mins
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* offers some recommendations for enjoying your vacation days work free

As summer approaches, folks are gearing up for long-awaited vacations. However, your staff may not get full enjoyment of their time off if they can’t fully disconnect from the office.

According to’s recent survey of nearly 1,400 workers, 16% say their supervisors expect them to stay in touch while on vacation. Another 19% plan to check in voluntarily. Of these respondents, 61% expect to check voicemail or e-mail on a daily basis.

“A little rest and relaxation can make a world of difference in an employee’s performance and overall happiness with his or her job,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for “If an employee is at the beach with the kids, but is preoccupied with work and reaching for the phone to check in with the boss, it defeats the whole purpose of getting away.”

CareerBuilder offers the following recommendations for enjoying your vacation days without worry, and helping your staff to do the same:

* Set an example. Lead the way by taking scheduled vacations without workplace interruptions.

* Plan vacations around large projects – either before they begin or after they are completed.

* Give plenty of notice for vacation dates and have your staff do the same.

* Cross-train workers to help out in your absence and that of their peers.

* Alert co-workers to your absence by giving an alternative contact via voicemail or automated response on e-mail. If people know you won’t be back for a week or two, they’ll be more inclined to seek help from someone else while you’re gone.

Whatever you have planned for a summer break, enjoy!