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News wrap-up: Brix, Lucent and Vonage

Jun 09, 20042 mins

* Recent developments in convergence by Brix Networks, Lucent and Vonage

Today, three more highlights from our stack of news briefs.

Brix Networks recently announced Version 2.0 of, the company’s free VoIP quality-testing portal that lets users independently measure the quality of their residential VoIP connections via a quick, user-initiated test call. The company notes its test system has had more than a million hits since the launch of the portal less than two months ago. now reports call setup and signaling quality statistics, including post-dial delay, post-pickup delay, call setup time, and media delay.

Other enhancements let users:

* Identify firewalls or other environmental configurations that may restrict their ability to run VoIP.

* E-mail a copy of their VoIP performance test results to themselves or to their broadband service provider.

* Compare how their test scores stack up against other users.

Next, Lucent has recently agreed to acquire Telica, a privately held provider of VoIP communications systems for service providers. Telica will become part of Lucent’s Integrated Network Solutions business. Telica’s open, standards-based products and network management systems allow carriers to deliver a wide range of wireless, Class 5, and long-distance Class 4 services, from both VoIP and PSTN/circuit-switched networks. Telica switches reliably carry an estimated 4 billion minutes per month.

Finally, Vonage continues to turn up the heat on VoIP competition. The company recently announced its “start-up kit” for a suggested retail price of $80. Customers also receive a $50 mail-in-rebate, making the total price only $30.

Vonage’s retail package includes: a MotorolaVT1005v voice terminal adapter (for plugging in a phone), an Ethernet cable and a 5V-DC power adapter. Customers purchasing Vonage at a retail outlet are free to choose one of several calling plans.