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Carrier router market may be recovering

Aug 18, 20032 mins

Latest Cisco news.

Carrier router market may be recovering, 08/15/03

Consumers embracing broadband and companies turning to more advanced data services helped sales of some larger routers turn around in the second quarter, according to figures released by two market analysis companies this week.

Bronx hospital leaps to 10G, 08/18/03

The good news was that the LAN at the North Bronx Healthcare Network was predictable; unfortunately that was the bad news, too.

10G Supplement: 10G matures, 08/18/03

From the inception of its conceptual framework in late 1999 to the standardization of IEEE 802.3ae in mid 2001, 10G Ethernet has been one of the most anticipated and exciting technologies on the internetworking scene.

10G Supplement: One big subnet, 08/18/03

What can an enterprise do with the equivalent of more than 6,000 T-1s worth of bandwidth? Just about anything.

10G Supplement: 10G muscle, 08/18/03

In this summer’s box-office attraction “The Hulk,” mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner morphs from an ordinary guy into a phosphorescent green, bulging super power – part hero, part monster who makes moviegoers cower in their seats.