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Check out Coyote Point at TechXNY

Sep 11, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Coyote Point to demo load balancer at TechXNY show

Coyote Point Systems next week will be showcasing the latest features on its Layer 7 load-balancing Equalizer 7.0 at the TechXNY trade show in New York.

Last week, a high-end model of Coyote Point’s Layer 7-enabled Equalizer 7.0 load-balancing appliance, the E-450, started shipping with a dual Gigabit Ethernet interface. The company says the new feature enables networks operating at Gigabit speed to integrate the load-balancing function at maximum capacity.

The E-450 is also newly endowed with a 1-GHz processor and 512M bytes of RAM, and it can also handle up to 4 million simultaneous connections, according to Coyote Point officials. The appliance is capable of balancing the load for an unlimited number of 64-server clusters. 

The E-450 incorporates the Layer 7 capabilities added to Equalizer earlier this summer, which include cookie-based persistence, cookie stuffing and URL load balancing. Those capabilities are also included in the intermediate-level E-350, which balances an unlimited number of 16-server clusters at a recommended T-3 bandwidth and handles up to 2 million simultaneous connections.

The E-350 and E-450 are priced around $6,000 and $10,000, respectively.

For sites with significant levels of Secure Sockets Layer traffic, the E-350 and E-450 can be purchased with the XCEL SSL hardware acceleration module. The acceleration allows the load balancer to quickly process thousands of transactions per second, without overload. Offloading the SSL encryption processing from the servers significantly increases their throughput as well.

Coyote Point also offers the E-250i, an entry-level intelligent load-balancing appliance licensed to balance traffic among 64 eight-server clusters. The E-250i provides adaptive Layer 4 load balancing, routing traffic based on four user-configurable criteria: server response time, active sessions, direct server measurements (using optional server agents), and server weighting. The E-250i is housed in a 1U rackmount with an embedded four-port switch that allows administrators to connect servers directly to the unit. The E-250i costs about $4,000.