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Qualities of good leaders and employees

Nov 06, 20031 min
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* To celebrate National Boss Day last month, HotJobs conducted a survey on boss-employee dynamics

Did you forget National Boss Day last month? Me too. But recruitment site HotJobs didn’t, conducting a survey on boss-employee dynamics to mark the occasion.

HotJobs surveyed its users about what qualities they valued in a good boss, as well as what qualities bosses want most in an employee. Just as in 2002, respondents deemed the ability to be a team player the most important factor for being a good leader. Likewise, in 2002, teamwork was the most important quality bosses looked for in an employee. This year however, bosses chose delivering quality work over that virtue. 

Here are the results for the most important qualities in winning over the boss:

* Dedication to quality work: 44%

* Being a team player: 29%

* Being a self-starter: 13%

* Thinking outside the box: 13%

* Honesty: 9%

As you might guess, the qualities that make someone a good employee aren’t necessarily the most important when it comes to being a good manager. Here is what respondents value most in a boss:

* Willingness to share responsibility and credit: 46%

* Act as a mentor: 24%

* Respect others’ opinions: 20%

* Accommodate employees’ personal needs: 8%

* Holds power in the company: 1%