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More Free Stuff

May 26, 20041 min
Data Center

Free is good. And here are two new free products you should investigate.

First, the HotBrick company, makers of firewalls, also has a software product. Now their Personal Firewall version 1.3 is free, as in no money whatsoever. They call it a “non-expiring trial version” but that sounds like Free to Me. Check it out here.

Second, if you draw as poorly as I do (I can barely draw flies), you should take a look at Corda Technologies and their Desktop Version of Corda Builder. Until 5/24, the sofware was $500. Now it is, drumroll please, Free. Check it out here.

Check these out. If you like them, send the people a thank you note. Perhaps we can encourage more companies to Be Free now and then with some other products.