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Software Piracy Question

Jul 13, 20041 min
Data Center

I’m aware software piracy remains a huge problem, but I’m always dubious about the numbers presented by news stories such as this recent one on CNN. How do they count the losses? If they count them accurately, doesn’t that mean they take inventory of the pirated software? Why don’t they grab it when they count it?

Maybe that’s too flip (but it’s early and I haven’t had enough coffee yet). But I have wondered why Microsoft, the victim of so much piracy, doesn’t take some of their $40 Billion (with a B) cash and buy equity in companies selling CD and DVD duplication equipment and supplies. Wouldn’t that give them access to the customer lists for those products? Wouldn’t that give them a connection directly to the pirates?

Obviously it must be more complicated, because I rarely exhibit genius that startles the world. But still, a customer list of all those companies buying CD blanks by the ton should help a little, shouldn’t it?