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Internet-connected Piano

Sep 16, 20042 mins
Data Center

How about this for cool: a new electronic piano from Yamaha includes an Internet connection. Here’s some verbiage from the product page for the Yamaha Clavinova CVP300:

“With the Internet Direct Connection feature, CVP300 Series users can access the Internet from the LCD display of the Clavinova and download their favorite song files and styles directly to the keyboard, making them available for immediate use. An appropriate high-speed Internet connection is necessary to use the Internet Direct Connection feature.

“In addition to using Internet Direct Connection, users can also realize their dream of creating their own CDs by sending the digital audio of their music to another device for recording. Thanks to the built-in Optical Out terminal (CVP305 and higher), players can plug directly into the digital input of a conventional audio CD burner or use the optional UW10 USB-Audio Interface to transfer their creations to a computer via a simple USB connection. Then, using a computer and conventional CD burning software, players can make customized CDs of their songs and performances.”

Read the full release here.

Not that I’m thrilled bad pianists can send files all over the Internet, but the more people making music, the better I like it. Even bad pianists are better than non-pianists (I say this as a bad pianist myself, but I get around a violin failry well).